Private Rooms at Pomona’s

The Private Rooms to the 1st floor here at Pomona’s each offer a diversity in design, yet all reflect the same ethos of sophistication and flexibility.

The scope and personality of each room and are unique in style – from the decadence and sophistication of the The Library, the Spartan beauty and grandeur of The Gallery, to the cloistered warmth of The Hereford Room.

The Hereford Room

The character, charm, and old-world comfort of The Hereford Room makes for an ideal location for discreet board meetings, private or celebratory dining, or any manner of private or professional gathering.

Capacity: 20 persons, Boardroom style seating
Size: 28sq meters + External balcony.

Room Hire: £150 half day / £250 for full day

Pomonas Hereford Roomhereford room


The Library

With its inspired intimacy, The Library is an ideal space in which to conduct discreet business or social gathering. Its versatility means that it is also attractive as a bespoke office facility or presentation room. Clients may also take advantage of private lunches or dinners in charming ambience and decor. The Library can be booked for time slots of 1 hours and upwards and is often users as an adjacent room to The Gallery due to a connecting door.

Capacity: 40 persons
Room Hire:£50 per hour

Service Included for the two rooms are:

  • Large screen TV Screens
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Wireless Internet
  • Stationary and White boards
Library Room


The Gallery

The grand ambiance of the Gallerys open space, with the calm minimalism, makes it a versatile venue to host events such as art exhibitions, product launches, corporate events, rehearsal space, cinematic presentations, sit down lecture events or stand up cocktail reception.

The Gallery is a popular local venue for Childrens Parties here at Pomona’s.

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Childrens party: (up to) 50
Stand up reception: 110
Cinema style : 60
Classroom lecture: 30

Size: 80sq meters

Room Hire:£90 per hour, 3 hours £250, full day hire £500

Services Included:

  • High Definition Projector
  • Wireless Internet
  • Stationary and White boards as may be required.
PomonasGallery 2kids party w rs currie 3k.p. dinosaur4dinosaur kids partygallery meetingkids party with rs currie 2

Due to our license for the 1st floor private hire room, we are unable to provide wines or beers etc. directly on the day of an event, as such all alcohol requirements will need to be agreed and purchased prior to your party. Any pre-packaged and unopened items not consumed can be taken off site or refunded after the event.

We regret to note that The Private Rooms at Pomona’s are not wheelchair accessible due to an integral staircase from the ground floor, the venue doesn’t have a lift to this additional facility.

Please note that 12.5% service charge will be added to all parties.